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Client Benefits
At Corning Photography, we embraced the opportunities and advantages of capturing images digitally when the technology was in its infancy and have been expanding this creative envelope since 1995. Today, few Bay Area photographers have more experience in capturing and manipulating images through the digital process.

Benefits to You


• Corning's digital photography process affords clients the flexibility of examining a variety of compositions and lighting alternatives on the computer monitor, and then choosing and keeping the exact shot needed for their project.

• With the use of "live video", we are able to match the layout of your comps on set.

• When working with models, you are assured of the perfect expression, before they leave.

• Subtle lighting and composition adjustments can be made and viewed quickly.

• Photo enhancements can be applied during the photo shoot. Images can be merged, overlayed, scaled and cropped with great precision.

• Our photo masking technique allows for images to be dropped out onto a transparent background at a fraction of the time/cost it takes by standard photo shop methods.

• Our monitors are color managed to industry standards, so what you see on the screen will be within a 95% tolerance of what you'll see on the final printed page when the printer is also set to the industry standard.

• This technology is superior for print media and trade show booth graphics up to 18 feet. It is also ideal for the web, CD multi-media, and digital presentations.

• It eliminates the need for expensive transparency scans, saving both time and money.

• All finished images are burned on a CD or DVD and delivered with a color managed proof sheet. Images may also be delivered through posting on a private ftp site.

© Don Corning

Histogram: The tone curve shows the exact placement of every shadow, mid tone and highlight in a captured image to insure it will print correctly.