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The interplay between light and shadow in a photograph creates the visual rhythm of a dynamic image. Skilled photographer and musician, Don Corning continues to be fascinated by the similarities between a musical score and a photographic composition.

In his creative vision, shades of light are transformed into musical notes to be arranged into a multi-dimensional symphony of colors, textures and shapes. The sounds of the piccolo and cymbals are the highlights while the bass and tuba are the shadows. Just as their counterpoints in music give interest to the score, highlights and shadows add depth and contrast to a photograph.

In creating a photographic composition, Don views the background and props as the orchestra and the product as the soloist. Just as the orchestra never overwhelms the soloist, the background should support and enhance but not overpower the product. For an outstanding performance, both need to be in tune and work together. With the confidence that comes from experience and creative vision, Don directs their integration.